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“Gut Secrets” is an astonishingly powerful book showing how our gut microorganisms can determine not just how healthy you are but also how you think, feel, act and behave. 

With trillions of microorganisms in your gut, your microbiome, can act upon and influence every organ and virtually every cell in your body.

Your gut rivals your brain in its capacity to influence the daily running of our body, controls gene expression, coordinates your immune system and sends chemical messages to every part of your body. 

It influences your will power, even your taste buds and is linked with virtually every health condition we are now confronted. Your gut microbiome has an astonishing ability to keep you healthy or ill, happy or sad. 

Like no other book, Gut Secrets exposes how our processed and modern living destroys our microbiome. Antibiotics, over the counter medications, food additives, cleaning products and make up and personal care products are just some of the culprits that can devastate a healthy gut microbiome.

As you read this book you will understand rebalancing your microbiome is much more than just taking a daily probiotic, it is a life long journey that begins with reading this book.

Everything you learn in this book will challenge our modern medical models and medical beliefs. 

The time has come to be the engineers of our own health.



“This book is another one of Dr Dingle’s masterpieces. It encapsulates everything of importance about the gut microbiome that has been published over the last 50 years and makes it readily available to the reader. Well Done”

- Dr Sandra Cabot, Nutritional GP


“Wow. You have done it again. So much great information and so well presented. I could not put it down. Even after studying the gut for years now, I still learnt so much from which my patients will benefit.”

- Theo Naarstig (B.App.Sc. (Pharmacy) WAIT, Ph. C., CD, MPS, AAIPM

Compounding Pharmacist


“Dr Dingle has done it again! Dr D you have written a gem! Gut Secrets is a joy to read, full of current information and solidly referenced. This book tackles so many complex issues in such a simple, understandable way. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to know about the gut microbiome and its importance in our lives. I seriously could not put it down! Congratulations on another excellent piece of work.” 


Director, Institute of Functional Neuroscience Group


“Gut Secrets presents amazing insight into our gut microbiome and how it influences so many functions of our life. This book redefines what we know about the gut and shows how many aspects of our modern, ultra-processed lives are destroying our gut and causing the pandemic of chronic illness we are experiencing today. Gut Secrets skillfully shows you everything you need to know about your gut microbiome and why you need to know it. Although thorough and scientific, this book puts it at a level for anyone who just wants to know more. This book is one of a kind and beacon for anyone interested in health. Nearly a thousand references condensed into a book that explains the most important aspects of our gut microbiome. It is easy to read and a revelation. It is optimistic and inspiring.”

- Dr Sarath (Sam) Jayawardana, MD, LLB, PhD, Grad Dip Edu, DTAS, FAIM

CEO/Dean of Studies, Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education &

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine


“I’m a zoologist specialising in exotic animals and have spent years living with the Maasai in Kenya, as well time in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, so I know exactly about what you are talking about in this book. What has surprised me most about your book is how much I have learnt. Gut Secrets has guided me through the digestive system, showing me all the pieces and how they come together. It has helped me show my students and staff the different roles of the gut microbiome and how it influences all forms of illness. The complex concepts you have made simple, and you have covered everything we need to know about the gut. It shows us what makes up a good microbiome and what causes it to be disturbed. I did not realise so many things could have such an impact. Step by step, this book leads us to a better understanding of our digestive systems and health. Where was this book 20 years ago? We are all still learning. This book teaches us beyond our years.” 

- Tony Greenwoods. International Zoologist, Spain

Available from 9th May, 2018.

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