A Supplement A Day Keeps The Doctor Away E-book



This book, with hundreds of scientific references and loads of common sense, will convince even the staunchest sceptic that we can longer get the nutrients we need from our food alone.

On the road from the depleted and sick soils in which our foods are grown to the dinner plate, most of our food’s nutrient content is lost, resulting in a global epidemic of nutritional deficiency.

Eating well and supplementing our diet with extra nutrients can prevent a great deal of the chronic illness so common today – from Alzheimer’s to arthritis and cancer to cardiovascular disease. Despite overwhelming evidence of the benefits of nutritional supplementing, the modern medical system, which makes money from your being sick, and the media, who make money by making up stories that sell papers, make wild and ridiculous claims that supplements are dangerous. Half of the developed world takes supplements and no person has died from supplements, while tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people die every year from pharmaceutical medication – even when taken precisely to the doctor’s orders. Our modern medical system says supplements are deadly yet dish out drugs, which frequently address only the symptoms of illnesses and have serious and even lethal side effects.

The simplest, cheapest and safest means to obtaining optimum health is to eat well and supplement with nutrients. Informed supplementation can lead to a healthier, happier life for you and your family.


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