Workplace Wellness

We bring Purpose, Presence and Performance to organisations through Health and Wellness


The Cost of Poor Health Is Killing Your Business

People are a workplaces most important asset and their health and wellness will determine how productive they are. Salaries make up 90-99% of most companies running costs if employees are not functioning at optimal physical and psychological health then organisations are losing a lot of money. Just a small decrease in health and wellbeing of employees can result in significant cost to employers, tens of thousands of dollars a year.

The cost of poor health on personal and professional productivity is high. And includes stress, absenteeism, injuries, sick leave, disability, accidents, mistakes, litigation and insurance, fatigue, low morale, low productivity, poor concentration and focus, low output, disruption of other workers and a lot more.


The Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs 

More than 300 studies and hundreds of hours of our research has shown workplace wellness to give organisations a positive return on investment and is an employers most important investment with improved organizational productivity and increased profitability. The potential cost savings for organisations is estimated to be around $3000.00 per employee per year and have a return of around $7 or more for every $1 invested.

The benefits of our workplace wellness programs include reduced sick leave and absenteeism, increased productivity and capacity, morale, attention and focus, employee self image and esteem, employee retention and attraction, positive work culture and job satisfaction and improved quality of life.

Let us improve your workplace wellness by offering you

Health and wellness assessments

Fun presentations and seminars

Group and individual health coaching

Do it yourself workplace tools and wellness packs

A wellness program that suits your organisation

Our programs are designed specifically to meet your organisation requirements and are holistic and focus on preventative and sustainable health and well-being.