Wellness Programs


Corporate and professional health costs individuals and organizations large sums of money and poor productivity. However, it is not just absenteeism and insurance costs, research now shows the cost of poor worker performance known as presenteeism to be the greatest cost. Ineffective work practices due to poor health is expensive for every business.

A small investment in health and wellbeing programs can result in substantial gains in health and productivity. However, the additional benefits including the feel good factor are worth just as much such as retaining productive employees.

Dr Dingle’s programs are developed through years of university based research and practical application in the workplace. Because we are doing the research we know what works and how to make the programs more effective. Information alone does not work. It needs to be a part of an interactive and supportive program.

Each workplace wellness program is individually developed to suit individual workplace requirements including corporate, business and industrial environments.

There are a range of physical, psychological and social factors that can impact on the wellness and productivity of the individual. Working on one alone can be beneficial but for the maximum benefit an integrated approach is required. The research shows that focussing on psychological wellness has the potential to save organizations significant money and is the strongest predictor of worker productivity. Other factors closely aligned include the level of commitment to the employee as employees need to know the organization values them and is genuinely concerned for their wellness. Social support also has a strong relationship with productivity as does organisational culture and control.

Workplace wellness programs

We can help you maximise employee wellbeing and productivity through our workplace wellness programs.

Our workplace Wellness programs include a range of

  • Practical and interactive presentations, seminars, workshops and training
  • Workbooks and information books for each of the programs
  • Personal and professional coaching and counciling
  • Holistic health assessments
  • Motivation programs
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnosis for individuals and groups
  • Newsletters
  • Teamwork an social cohesion programs
  • Feedback

Covering topics of

  • Productivity
  • Health and fitness
  • Health assessment
  • Healthy nutrition and lifestyles
  • Healthy environments
  • Health motivation
  • Developing positive work attitudes
  • Developing stress resilience
  • Taking control of your work and life
  • Family health

Presentation and seminar topics

Stress less and maintain your focus

Tackling obesity, and weight loss

7 secrets of healthy eating

Achieving balance in your workplace

Mental health and positive psychology in the workplace

Overcoming poor sleep and fatigue

Achieving your personal and professional potential

Smoking cessation

Positive psychology in the workplace

Increase your energy and productivity

Goal getting

Improve your working memory

Specialised programs include

  • Weight control
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol and Addictions

The success of our programs is based on the motivational and support structures we put into place including

  • Health consultation
  • Personal and professional coaching and counciling
  • Cognitive behaviour therapies including hypnosis


Our health and wellness programs will lead to

  • Improved productivity and energy levels
  • Improved health and well-being;
  • improved essential life skills;
  • improved sense of life and work control;

We offer an ongoing review service that help identify the changes you have made and where more changes can be made to maximise the outcomes.


All the programs we offer are flexible and can be tailored to fit the special needs of employers and employees. Our programs vary to fit your needs so we can run short one off sessions to corporate retreats and long term and  ongoing programs.

We recognise the need to work outside the box. The productivity of employees is determined as much as what happens in the hours after work as the time at work. Stress at home can have a large impact on how effective we are at work. We therefore offer programs for the whole family.

We also provide a service for you to implement our programs into your workplace using your own employees. As we can provide the skills and tools to be able to train your own leaders and teams.

Why you should select us

Our programs are unique

We do the research that others use (some years after us)

Our techniques are cutting edge and comprehensive

We know what works and what does not

Our programs recognise the mind body and social connection in worker productivity and the need to integrate these together.

No one else can offer these programs

We develop our workplace wellness programs to suit each individual workplace.


A few quotes

Your workshop was the buzz of the office for several weeks and is still referred to at various times even 3/4 months after the event. The group hypnotism was very effective and people were amazed that it actually worked on them.  I have noticed your books on various desks in the office with people referring to them or suggesting others borrow and have a read. Vickie Douglas Head of Direct and Alliance Banking AMP Banking.


I’d just like to thank you on behalf of the sales force at Steel Blue, I have never seen our guys as fired up as they have been since your session. It really was inspiring. Peter Dingle was fantastic, I can’t rave enough about him. His tips on Taking Charge of your Life have struck a chord with all our sales force. It really was life changing and inspiring stuff. Thanks so much for you help. Ebony Fitzgerald. Sales and Promotions Representative FootwearIndustries Pty Ltd Makers of Steel Blue Premium Industrial Footwear