Recent testimonials

Hi Peter & Martine, I attended your gut health seminar on the 1st, I have an IBD = UC. I was experiencing a flare up at that time. I am pleased to report my symptoms have gone, I noticed a complete change in the 3rd week of stage 1, I have now started stage 2. Thank you to the moon & back! I have shared your book links to many others already. 
Thank you thank you thank you!!!  

As a young 16 year old girl, it is great to learn different ways I can fix my skin and body problems, rather than relying on doctors who would just put me on nasty medicines like Roaccutaine. This means I can help friends that suffer. A must hear for all humans!!!!! Jackie Vincent

Dr Peter Dingle has such a simplistic & Important message that gets straight to the core basis of GUT Health....everything stems from the GUT...a not to miss Event 😊🤔🙃😉 Karen Walker

I’ve lived on Zantac for years as well as Gaviscon tablets due to reflux. After attending a seminar and learning about gut health, I no longer use Zantac and only Gaviscon after spicy food. I’d recommend the seminar highly to anyone having any digestive issues. Ilona Dey-Murry

Very empowering with lots of simple steps A+. Timothy Walton

Victoria testimonials

Great talk, easy to apply to real life. John Bendigo

Amazing! So much information in 2 hours. Everything so simple. Can’t wait to see some changes. A. Major Bendigo.

Very informative., Some great tips to use straight away. Thank you. Milo Barry Bendigo

Fantastic. Anonymous Bendigo

Important information that every Australian needs to know for healthy living in the 21st century. Thank you Peter and Martine Barbara Jones Bendigo

“Just wanted to say thanks for an incredible seminar! It was arguably the best seminar I've ever attended!!! My friends and I all thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot of new info”. Anil Melbourne

“Loved it. Especially everything that got us outside the box” Emma Smithenbecker. Albury

“Very entertaining and easy to llisten to. Loved the passion and vibrant energy that filled the room. We need more people like you to help us heal us all!” Inga McGown. Albury

“Absolutely Brilliant”. Nikki Hobbs. Albury

“Brilliant” Dot Williams. Albury

“Amazing” Zac Hobbs (aged 14) Albury

“Absolutely Brilliant!! Will recommend to everyone I know. Thank you.” Angela Albury

“Absolutely brilliant presentation! Very informative and inspirational. My life changes…. See you in 60 years.” Suzie Loveless. Victoria

“Thoroughly enjoyed it, I know a little about some but have learnt so much more. An amazing speaker” Margery Condell. Victoria

“From a complet uneducated novi-brilliant, wellpresented, must see talk. “Mind blowing” Charmaine Gardiner Victoria

Dr Dingle is knoweleagable, well researched, incredibly enetertaining and has opened my eyes and gut to a new healthier life and I thought I knew a lot. Thank You” Andrea Bacon Victoria

“Wow, great talk, great help. Loved it. There needs to be so much more people talking about this. Changing my gut getting off antidepressants has changed my life. I want more and more info so thank you, thank you, thank you” M.Jones (Shepparton). Victoira

“My interest is up so now I have even more to learn. Looking forward to the challenge.” Gail Noonan (Shepparton) Victoria.

“Very informative, entertaining, precise and nailed all the points perfectly. Thoroughly loved it” Yolanda Cid, Melbourne.

“Best breadth and depth on this subject I have ever encountered. Awesome presentation.” Marg Booth Melbourne

“Kelli – loved it! You nailed it. I will be referring my family members.” Melbourne. Kelli

“Jokes were bad information was outstanding. Thanks Peter. Jo Kearney. Melbourne.

Victorian Testimonials

“Hi Peter my name is Guy and I was at your Fix the gut seminar in Bendigo last night ! What a fantastic night full of info and great advice . Myself and my better half are looking forward to improving our health and learning more from your amazing studies ! Thanks Peter and all the best for the future”. Guy Johnstone

“Our Bendigo event was Sold out. More people are wanting information for their health and realizing this is Seriously Top class Info. There's Science and Facts. Humour and lots of great info provided by Peter D who had us all hanging on to every word. Thanks so much and we would love a repeat soon. I encourage you to go and bring friends as they will be raving about it too!” Kym Fitzpatrick. Bendigo

“So knowledgeable, very entertaining, fantastic information about all things gut and how to keep it in great health. Thoroughly recommend”. Brian Morse Frankston Victoria

“Thank you. It gelled with a lot of prior knowledge and science. Great tips to remind me what to do”. Scientist from Morwell

“Very informative and excellent presentation. The time flew Karen Lambden. Morwell

Fantastic, well presented”. Kathy Morwell

“So reinforcing of my naturopath in Moone Ponds has taught me but so much more”. Jim O’Hearn. Colac

“It is amazing to have everything I’ve always had in my family knowledge (naturopathic background) coming to light in a public forum, being confirmed, valued and encouraged in others. Keep up the amazing work spreading knowledge and enabling the power for us to take control of our own health and lives”. Thank You. Ish Williams.

“Absolutely brilliant. Peter! Super informative and presented in an easy to understand and engaging way, with lots of laughs. Best wishes for creating the ripple effect and getting the truth out there. Thank you so much”. Marie Golden. Victoria

“Absolutely awesome information and inspires me to learn more and share”. Adrienne Howlett. Victoria

“Wow, loved your amazing information and energy. Will be applying your info and telling others. Thanks Timothy Walton”. Victoria

“I really enjoyed every moment of your seminar this evening. I eat very healthily and I have learnt even more how things affect our gut. Including water”. Karen Jende. Victoria

“Please go on with your wonderful work-I agree with it all and will come another time. I have learnt such a lot more and it makes so much sense. A huge Thanks”. Margaret Thomas . Victoria.

“Powerful information. Straight to the gut of it al. than you peter”. Karen Walker. Victoria

“The presentation was fascinating and so informative. I will be applying this to my everyday life from now on. Very inspirational”. Ros. Warrnambool

“Very interesting and inspiring. I am excited about becoming healthy”. Peter Gardens Warrnambool.

“Excellent presentation. Information presented in lay terms and easy to understand with nice bits of humour. The 2 and half hours went so quickly”. John Booth Warrnambool

“I am a Type 1 diabetic and have RA. I have done lots of study into natural remedies and I am absolutely a believer in the importance of gut health and its importance was greatened by tonight’s seminar. It was extremely informative and easy to understand. Thank you for all your research and hard work and sharing it with us. Great Seminar”. Mandy. Warrnambool.

NSW Testimonials

"Wow what an enjoyable night listening to a Professor, Dr Peter Dingle explain why it's sooo important to look after and balance your gut. After all the times I have seen and listened to his very wise words, this was the best information. As the saying goes knowledge is no burden to carry”. Cheryl Geraghty Gosford.

“I was at your talk last night in Gosford and wanted to tell you how great it was-- I got so much from it and haven't been able to stop telling people about it today !! My husband came home (he was one of the three guys in the audience) and started rummaging around for the  bicarb and green tea :)”. Dr Rachel Swan. Gosford

Great information Peter. Leanne Rose Grafton

“Absoluely amazing. Best gut health talk I have been to by far. Extrememly informative, motivational and inspiring. Highly recommend to everybody. I will be back”. Kristy Wollongong

“Thank you so very much. I have been very keen and excited to learn more and now I go away with many tools to help my family and kids to stay gut happy and healthy. I will be dragging my hubby next time”. Jodie. Wollongong

“Exciting, stimulating and very well presented. Very clear and simply explained”. Laurie Romsdan. Gosford

“Excellent- everyone needs to hear this”. Rachel Swan Gosford.

“Brilliant presentation based on science and common sense, not $’s!” Tania Turner Gosford

“Fantastic. Would recommend to everyone and anyone”. Sharleyne Russell. Gosford

“Excellent and very informative”. Gabriella. NSW

“Sensational!!! Very informative, loved every minute, very educational and entertaining as well”. Norma Kaloudis. Wollongong

“Simply life changing, I urge everyone young and old to attend Dr Dingle’s presentation”. Marissa Wollongong

“I learned so much, much more than what I thought I would about my gut health and ways to improve it. Absolutely best night”. Nicole Wollongong

“My family and I attended the Canberra seminar. It has opened our minds to a better way. Strongly recommend you attend a seminar near you, you will walk out changed for the better”. Darleen Barton Canberra

“Really entertaining, very informative and importantly presented in a very accessible way. Would highly recommend”. Geraldine Coffs Harbour

Really informative and enetertaining. A must for anyone wanting to educate and heal themselves”. Amanda Coffs Harbour.

Queensland Testimonials

“After 10 years of discomfort peter is the first person to make sense. Thanks Peter I look forward to a healthy long life in the future.” - David, Mackay Qld.

"Absolutely amazing, brilliant, highly recommend, life changing." - Anne Marie, Mackay Qld. 

"Listening to all this new information was just out of this world. I love Peter’s energy and knowledge (not to mention his shoes and waistcoat). I already look forward to your next visit." - Corah, Townsville Qld. 

“Really enjoyed Peter’s presentation. Everything I believe so I brought along my husband and daughter-in-law who were skeptical in the beginning but really enjoyed it and I think the penny dropped for them. So thank you thank you thank you." - Karen, Hervey Bay Qld. 

"Excellent, informative, down to earth talk with good jokes. Thanks.” - Carol, Mackay Qld. 

"Informative, entertaining, up to date, enlightening, fun and honest. Not a diet, a lifestyle. Thanks.”- April, Mackay Qld. 

"The information I heard tonight was amazing. Informative and funny- the perfect combination. I didn’t know a lot (I thought I did) but what I heard made me feel I could make changes. So, so happy I came tonight I‘m bringing everyone next time. I loved talking with you after the seminar and having questions answered. Thank you so so much.” - Karlee Hannan, Mackay Qld. 

“I have had gut problems for the past 15 years. Thanks Peter for making so much sense.” - Cheryl, Bundaberg Qld.

“Wow as usual. Visit us more. I always learn so much from you. Please keep spreading your healthy life saving facts.” - Heather, Sheena and Martine, Mackay Qld.

"I cannot recommend this presentation highly enough. It was extremely informative and made perfect sense. I have recently changed my diet and eliminated sugar. I have also reduced my carbohydrate intake and have lost 17 kg, but most unexpected was a huge reduction in joint pain. I am really excited about improving my health further. Thank you Peter for giving me the missing pieces in the puzzle." - Iona Murry, Mackay Qld.

“So informative, thank you.” - Wendy, Gladstone Qld.

“Lots of A-ha moments and great presentation." - Nicole, Gladstone Qld.

“Thank you, Dr Dingle. The two hours just flew and I noticed absolutely everyone was engaged. I have been inspired to nurture my gut bacteria and improve my digestion. Thanks.” - Mary–Ann, Sunshine Coast Qld.

“Thanks Dr D. As usual heaps of great, relevant up to date information and terrible jokes! Love it- life changing.” - Peta Scott, Sunshine Coast Qld.

“As always great up to the minute information with amazing passion." - Caroline, Sunshine Coast Qld.

"Informative and delivered in an entertaining manner which was incredibly engageing. Thanks very much.” - Renee, Sunshine Coast Qld.

“Very informative and entertaining. Dr Dingle explained all the concepts so a non science person can understand. I’m definitely going to get to work to fix my gut! Thanks Dr Dingle.” - Donna, Sunshine Coast Qld.

“Very informative, interesting, humorous and accurate. Each time Dr Dingle introduced a new topic I checked it on google from my phone. Dr Dingle is correct.” - Mike Linacre (PhD researcher), Sunshine Coast, Qld. 

"Your presentation last Wednesday in Loganholme was splendid. Normally I fall asleep after 25 minutes. But your presentation kept me on the edge of my chair for 105 minutes." - Micheal Butters (80 year old medical science professor), Brisbane Qld.

WA Testimonials

"So informative, it opened my mind up to so many things regarding gut health that I never considered. I look forward to reading the books and learning even more. Thank you so much." - Claire, Perth WA.

“I loved it, Wow, I learnt so so much. Thank You”- Margaret, Perth WA. 

"Fantastic talk. I loved your energy, and passion. A wealth of information." - Andrea, Perth WA.

"As always, I'm so impressed with Peter's ability to present an otherwise daunting topic in such an easily digestible and fun way. Not only have you identified the problems associated with poor gut health, but you've given me implementable solutions - and my family and I thank you." - Christine, Perth WA.

"The whole presentation was informative and well presented. The two hours passed quickly with Pete's charismatic personality." - Sue, Perth WA.

“I listened to you talk today at the Farm Festival . I could have listened all day. It was like you were talking about me for the solid 45 minutes! Thank you ... I now have some reading to do!! I may just become a stalker!! Ha ha!” - Kerry, Perth WA.

"Dr Dingle thank you for your inspiring session today at the Quarry Farm." - Wade, Perth WA.

"Last night's talk was so awesome. Cant put down your new books. They are so informative. Should be in every household." - Karina, Perth WA.