Executive Education

The need to learn and meet the challenges has never been greater. We understand the vital role continuing education plays in successful organisations.

Dr Dingle offers a unique approach to executive and workplace education with the confidence and credentials of over 25 years of action based research, outcomes and practice.

Our programs are designed for people and organisations to improve their performance and respond to new challenges. We specialise in the positive development of people and organisations.

We have a strong sense of relevance and personal development to create new levels of capability to successfully negotiate new challenges and opportunities.

Successful people follow success strategies. These tried and true methods applied to all levels of personal and professional life from sport and business, to health and relationships.

By following this program you will

  • Improve you productivity and energy levels
  • Improve your health and well-being;
  • Develop essential life skills;
  • Take control of your own life and health;
  • Put the important things in life first.
  • Dissolve unconscious blocks in your success
  • ·      Apply strategies to make and save your company money
  • ·      Dissolve distracters and prioritise actions
  • ·      Remain focussed
  • ·      Breakthrough plateaus
  • ·      Be activated and inspired to make changes in your life
  • Inspire and motivate people around you


Our Programs

Organised events

At your workplace programs

Special events and seminars



3 levels of programs

Productivity programs

Health and workplace wellness programs

Community education

The benefits of our programs include improved

  • Morale
  • Attraction/Retention
  • Productivity
  • Quality of life
  • Profitability within the business

And less

  • Absenteeism
  • Sick leave
  • Presenteeism

At your workplace executive programs

We run programs at your request to suit your requirements and help to identify gaps in your workforce. Every workplace has its own unique requirements so we develop programs to suit each individual workplace. We develop high impact tailored programs customised with in company education and learning experiences designed to meet your requirements, specific issues and needs.

Our specialised program include motivational presentations, workshops and written materials on:

Take control, realise your potential and maximise your productivity

Executive health for all

Resilience: Reduce Your Stress and Increase Your Productivity

Beyond Goals and Motivation

Manage Your Energy to Increase your personal and professional productivity.

The Power of good presentation – what you can do for the audience

Improve your workplace memory to increase business productivity and connection to your client

The power of positive psychology in building lucky people and businesses

Develop Your Mindpower For Creativity and Productivity

All these are unique programs based on 25 years of university research on how to change peoples behaviour and health and well being for maximum impact


At Workplace Programs

At your workplace we offer a range of options for our programs to improve your health, performance and productivity.


  • ·      Keynote conference presentation
  • ·      2 hour workshop
  • ·      Half day workshop
  • ·      One day success program
  • ·      2 Day Master Class
  • ·      5 Day Supercharge
  • ·      30 day personal coaching

Component parts of the program include, but are not limited to

Motivational presentations


Group work


Personal coaching


Online materials

Printed materials


Additional programs

Naturopathic consult and advice

Programs to increase physical activity

Personal health coaching

Executive productivity coaching

Goals and motivation

Physical activity advice

Health counselling

Why Choose Dr Dingle

Superior Educational Quality - You'll receive innovative, dynamic, high-level teaching with online support from one of the best presenters in the country. Research shows that the quality of the presentation has a significant role in actions people take after any presentation.

Up to date information and resources – The materials developed and presented in these program are based on ongoing university based research which is cutting edge and the most current available.

Much Greater Convenience and Flexibility - We will modify the program to suit your specific needs including running programs where and when you want them 24/7, including weekends as well as including online resources that can be completed anytime.

Better Customization and More Interaction – You can decide on all the requirements you need from specific units, if they are to be run as a presentation, workshop, online or in any combination. We take a partnering approach in developing the program to suit your requirements.

With your choice of programs - You can select the specialty you need most and tailor your course roster to suit your specific needs including combining and mixing and matching courses.

Action oriented – All the programs have action models built into them based on contemporary adult learning principles. Most training simply doesn’t work because it lacks the information that will carry the participant’s motivation beyond the presentation. We have done more than 20 years of research to find out what works and what does not. All Dr Dingle’s programs are based around cognitive behavioural therapy to ensure motivation and enthusiasm for action are ongoing. These programs are all tested and validated by university-based research and are designed to integrate the action into each individuals work and personal life.

Outcome oriented – All our programs are outcome oriented. We help develop outcomes to meet organisational needs making a measurable, positive and significant difference to organisational performance.

Quality presentations- all our presenters are engaging, interactive and dynamic presenters with only the highest qualifications in their subject area and presenting skills to help develop a deeper understanding.

In 2002 Dr Dingle and one of his PhD students created the award wining Living Smart program which won the prestigious WA Adult Education Award in 2003 and the Eureka award along with $10000 prize money in 2004 and is now run hundreds of times around the country each year. While at Murdoch University he was nominated for the teaching in excellence award almost every year, he won it in 2003 and was a national finalist for Lecturer of the year in 2009.

A few quotes

Your workshop was the buzz of the office for several weeks and is still referred to at various times even 3/4 months after the event. The group hypnotism was very effective and people were amazed that it actually worked on them.  I have noticed your books on various desks in the office with people referring to them or suggesting others borrow and have a read. We would love to get you back for another conference in the near future.

PS   ... We are still waiting for the day when we all start barking and looking for our left leg. Regards .   Vickie Douglas Head of Direct and Alliance Banking AMP Banking.

I’d just like to thank you on behalf of the sales force at Steel Blue, I have never seen our guys as fired up as they have been since your session. It really was inspiring. Peter Dingle was fantastic, I can’t rave enough about him. His tips on Taking Charge of your Life have struck a chord with all our sales force. It really was life changing and inspiring stuff. Thanks so much for you help. Ebony Fitzgerald. Sales and Promotions Representative Footwear Industries Pty Ltd Makers of Steel Blue Premium Industrial Footwear

“Brilliant, everyone knows they should set goals but by doing it in a interesting way really opens your mind to setting your goals and achieving them…Overall fantastic”  Ben. Deaken Finances

“I thought your speel at the coast to coast conference was the highlight. Finally someone speaking the truth rather than saying everything was hunky dory and no need to change anything” Evan Broaman Environment Resource Officer. Local Government Association of Tasmania.


Topic Descriptions

Take control and realise your potential and maximise your productivity

By learning about the 5C’s, conditioning, choices, challenges, change and commitment you can learn to take control of your life. This program shows how we can break out of the old conditioning that holds us back and create new positive conditioning. Everything we do is a choice and can either be positive or negative, but it is the accumulation of negative choices that cause problems in our life, not the one off’s. One can of soft drink a day is not a problem but over a year it puts on 4kg and over a lifetime even more problems. The human mind and body were meant to be challenged. Without it we slip backwards and start dying before our time. Change is inevitable and essential. Not only do you need to be ready for it but you also need to be a part of it. Finally, learn how to make a commitment that counts. Make the right choices, challenge yourself, change and commit to create the new positive conditioning in your life.

This program is essential for any individual or organization going through change or one that wants to empower their employees.

Executive health for all-The Big DEAL 

The seemingly insignificant choices you make each day can make or break your health. This program utilises fresh research on Diet, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle, including the newest information on the brain – how it responds to nutrition, exercise and stimulation via new skilling.  You can increase your success, health and wellbeing today, with some simple changes.

Many people in business begin to experience serious health problems after 40, although the genesis of such problems begins much earlier, usually as a result of the influences of Diet, Exercise, Environmental toxins and Stress. As well as destroying quality of life and limiting overall potential, poor health makes individuals less productive by eroding mental and physical strength. It also contributes significantly to time wastage. The average age of heart attack and stroke is now 56 for men and one in 10 occur before the age of 40.

Exploding old belief systems, this program dispels myths and confusion around how to create long lasting wellbeing. It puts the real facts at your fingertips, then provides you with personalised options to ensure your choices get you the best out of your future.

The DEAL is a unique program integrating Diet, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle to produce a long, healthy and successful future.

Building Resilience: Reduce your stress and increase your productivity 

In this program you will learn to create ways to manage and use stress to your advantage. Stress is now the single most important contributor to lost productivity and wasted work hours. It is also a major factor in the increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, cancer and many other long-term and short-term health problems. While stress is a natural mechanism that motivates us and equips us to avoid danger, stress levels have spiralled out of control and become a serious health issue. 

Emotional or psychological stress depletes the body of essential vitamins such as vitamin B and C and some minerals in an attempt to deal with the stress and supplementing helps to reduce the negative impact stress has while longer term change strategies for change can be implemented.

Substantial research now shows that stress and its effects can be significantly reduced through changes to our lifestyle, diet, environment and in the way we think. This program takes an integrated approach through Diet, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle (the DEAL) to provide the participant with immediate steps to reduce distress and the impact it has on health and productivity.

Beyond Goals. The science of success and gaol getting

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

What do 2007 surveys, 332 scientific articles and 6 PhD researchers know about you? They know that like most people you’ve set goals in the past and not always achieved them. Our extensive research shows that less than 1% of people set effective goals. If this is you, this presentation is about to change that, forever! Scientific evidence meticulously gleaned from university based surveys and research carried out in Perth is at last available to guide you to the success you deserve.

Scientific evidence from the fields of business, health, wellbeing and sport, now supports the fact that intelligent goal setting does work if it is implemented correctly.

We have taken over 3000 hours of research and condensed it into a 3 hour workshop to empower you with our findings. It will be the most valuable 3 hours you’ll ever invest.


My father has taken me to so many goal setting seminars in my life and pushed me to read so many goal setting books, and I never got anywhere with them. However after your seminar, I have written my goals, they are up on my wall, and I am well on the way to achieving them mentally and then actually ! I felt like you were speaking to only me, like there was no one else in the room.  I spoke to a few others who said they felt the same thing.  That is amazing, that you can hit the hearts of so many people at the one time. Thank you for your passion for your job, which passes on as passion to us.

Ali Binskin.

Manage your energy and increase your productivity.

Why are some people incredibly productive in their office and in their lives while others just seem to get by?  Businesses seem to be interested in improving professional productivity through new software or even new skills training but rarely do they focus where most of the gains can be made. Even if the person has the best and fastest computer and the best typing skills the majority of their productivity is still a product of their energy levels, well being and motivation. This program provides participants with the know-how and the desire to improve their work and productivity. Just by learning about your natural energy levels participant will not only improve their productivity but also reduce your chances of negative confrontations. Have you ever wondered why most problems occur in the mid afternoon or later at night?


Improve your memory to increase business productivity

In business, you can’t $afford$ to have a poor memory.

Become super efficient. Increase your personal and professional productivity. Learn to simplify and organise new information and remember with ease, even in stressful situations. Have facts and figures at your finger tips. Learn to remember lists – and be pen and paper-less! Know where you put things down - you’ll find files, locate papers, and know where you put the computer disc.  Most business is done on good personal relationships. Poor memory hurts your business by not winning you clients or by losing them along the way. Inspire confidence and trust by remembering client’s names, companies and personal details. Remember everyone’s names at your next function. Your attention to detail shows competence, creates personal trust and wins loyalty to your company. 

A poor memory wastes your time.  And your time costs your business!

Dr D has successfully tested this program to improve their memory by more than 500%. This program not only improves your memory but also builds self - esteem and confidence.

The Power of good presentations – what you can do for the audience

(Research shows that the majority of people rate speaking in public more scary than dying!)

Presentation skills are critical to the success of any business - presenting to a theatre full of clients and customers, on an individual basis or at a small board meeting. The impact you make in the first moments of a presentation can make or break the success of your proposal. Presentation skills are one of the most important skills for promotion and picking up new business. Dr D has trained thousands of people to get their message across.

Dr D’s Secret: At 20 years of age, Dr D dreaded presenting to two people, let alone to a large group. On his first day in front of a classroom, a student asked him if he normally shook so much! Since then, Dr D has made the process of presenting a fine art, enlivening the driest topics and motivating any audience. He is sought after internationally and gives hundreds of presentations each year to audiences from all walks of life. He regularly features on television and radio.

Dr Dingle will train you to be confident, capable

Develop Your Mindpower For Creativity and Productivity

Most organizations do not understand the lost potential through stifled creativity. Creativity can provide organizations with new ideas and directions and can be the difference between whether they “sink or swim”. Creativity is an innate ability in all of us which is often held back by our modern and busy lifestyles. This program shows how to tap into the creative genius in all of us at any time. Successful people tap into their creative potential. These tried and true methods applied to all levels of personal and professional life from sport and business to health, and relationships.

Most of us use only a fraction of our minds capability.

The most powerful and yet the most underutilised part of your mind is your subconscious so you need to tap into it. Poor memories, lack of creativity, mental exhaustion and lack of focus and concentration are problems that cost industry millions of dollars in lost business. By introducing some interesting and fun practices Dr D can improve the ability of employees and businesses to function. Improving the way your mind works provides the key to unlock latent worker productivity, efficiency and effectiveness producing better results.

This program outlines creative strategies that have been developed throughout history and used by people such as da Vinci and Einstein. It also shows you how to use these strategies in any situation to create the greatest number of positive options. It introduces dozens of ways we can all tap into our incredible creativity.

This program encourages staff to develop creative ideas and to nurture creative ideas and inspirations.

Building a luck business. The power of positive psychology.

Would you like to become a luckier person or your business to be lucky? Luck is not a magical ability it is a state of mind, a way of thinking and behaving. Luck is knowing where and when to look so when opportunity knocks and you answer. In this presentation you will learn how to become luckier and how, through the power of positive psychology, you can improve the luck of your business. Overwhelming evidence shows that some businesses like individuals are luckier than others. It also shows they can improve their luck to perform better at what they do and create more positive outcomes if they adopt simple luck strategies.