Executive Coaching

Executive Productivity and Health Coaching.

Dr Peter Dingle and Martine Dingle (ND) also run personal executive wellbeing coaching for professional people who want to be better at what they do and to get more out of their life.

Would you like your executive staff to

Have more energy?

Increase productivity?

Regain their health?

Inspire your employees?

Most of us get so busy in our lives that we forget to look after ourselves until something happens that forces us to change. Many busy people begin to experience serious health problems after 40. Fifty percent of males will have a heart attack in their 50’s and up to 20% will have one in their 40’s. As well as destroying quality of life and limiting overall potential, poor health makes individuals less productive by eroding mental and physical strength and causing time wastage. Not realising that it is not only taking years off our life but also substantially reducing our productivity and quality of life. The cost of this to individuals and to any organisation is huge.

Why get an executive coach?

Health is our biggest lifetime investment without it our productivity and quality of life rapidly declines. Capitalising on that investment requires proactive health management. Leaders who want to be in there for the long haul need to look after their health.

Executives are a large investment for the company and the success of any business relies on the performance of executives. Any loss of health and productivity can be expensive for an organisation. Their effectiveness as an executive is inextricably tied to your ability to lead, inspire and motivate your team and that their long-term success is directly linked to the health of their leaders. Executive positions bring many pressures and stressors. If not dealt with they can result in poor health and productivity and become a big cost to any business.

Healthy executives have more energy, are more productive, take less time off, are less prone illness and generally appear more balanced to employees.

Investing in their health also shows that you think they are important.

What we offer

Our Executive Health Coaches are experts in supporting leaders. We offer many years of experience as executives health coaches and have a strong track record of delivering reliable, tangible benefits to our clients. We offer a range of executive health coaching programs and services and are deeply committed to the success of our clients.

Our unique approach offers an exceptional return-on-investment by offering new and creative ways of working with executives. We can help you to achieve a new level of effectiveness.



Dr Peter Dingle (BED, BSc, PhD)

As the author of more than10 books, hundreds of published articles on health and wellbeing and all based around personal change. Nobody knows more about healthy living and productivity than Peter Dingle (PhD). His latest book “Take Control and Realise Your Potential” is specifically designed to improve the health and productivity of busy professionals. He is currently writing a book “Stress our hidden killer”.

As a researcher, professor, author and motivator of 25 years he has been a pioneer in healthy living in Australia. More importantly he knows how to bring about change and what to change in individuals to ensure they get the most out of life.

Martine Dingle (Naturopath)

As an author of “The 6 week healthy eating planner”, before Martine began her career as a naturopath she was manager in a very busy call centre. Martine has spent the last 9 years coaching people to better health through changes in their thinking, nutrition and lifestyle. Her passion is working with individuals who are stressed and is currently writing a book on nutritional resilience in stress.

Exploding old belief systems Peter and Martine Dingle and their team dispel the myths and confusion around how to create long lasting wellbeing and productivity. It puts the real facts at your fingertips, then provides you with personalised options to ensure your choices get you the best out of your future.

Out of the most stressful situations come the greatest opportunities to renegotiate our lives on our own terms and fulfil our potential. The blessings that follow are simply derived from knowing who we are and what drives us to get up every morning. Most people go through life in an unconscious state just getting by from day to day, one busy situation to the next.