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This program will SuperCharge Your Business and will Improve Your Personal and Professional Productivity, enhancing every aspect of your life.

Successful people follow success strategies. These tried and true methods applied to all levels of personal and professional life from sport and business to health, and relationships.

By following this program you will

  • Improve you productivity and energy levels
  • Improve your health and well-being;
  • Develop essential life skills;
  • Take control of your own life and health;
  • Put the important things in life first.
  • Dissolve unconscious blocks in your success
  • Apply strategies to make and save your company money
  • Dissolve distracters and prioritise actions
  • Remain focussed
  • Breakthrough plateaus
  • Be activated and inspired to make changes in your life
  • Inspire and motivate people around you

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By learning about the 5C’s, conditioning, choices, challenges, change and commitment you can learn to take control of your life. This program shows how we can break out of the old conditioning that holds us back and create new positive conditioning. Learn how to make a commitment that counts. Make the right choices, challenge yourself, change and commit to create the new positive conditioning in your life

This program is essential for any individual or organization going through change or one that wants to empower their employees.

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The Big DEALMany people in business begin to experience serious health problems after 40, although the genesis of such problems begins much earlier, usually as a result of the influences of Diet, Exercise, Environmental toxins and Stress. As well as destroying quality of life and limiting overall potential, poor health makes individuals less productive by eroding mental and physical strength. It also contributes significantly to time wastage. The average age of heart attack and stroke is now 56 for men and one in 10 occur before the age of 40.

Exploding old belief systems, this program dispels myths and confusion around how to create long lasting wellbeing. It puts the real facts at your fingertips, then provides you with personalised options to ensure your choices get you the best out of your future.

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Stress is now the single most important contributor to lost productivity and wasted work hours. It is also a major factor in the increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, cancer and many other long-term and short-term health problems. While stress is a natural mechanism that motivates us and equips us to avoid danger, stress levels have spiralled out of control and become a serious health issue. 

This program takes an integrated approach through Diet, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle (the DEAL) to provide the participant with immediate steps to reduce distress and the impact it has on health and productivity.

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Like most people you’ve set goals in the past and not always achieved them. Our research shows that less than 1% of people set effective goals. If this is you, this presentation is about to change that, forever! Evidence from the fields of business, health, wellbeing and sport, now supports the fact that intelligent goal setting does work if it is implemented correctly.

This seminar will be the most valuable 3 hours you’ll ever invest.

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Research shows that the majority of people rate speaking in public scarier than dying!

Presentation skills are critical to the success of any business - presenting to a theatre full of clients and customers, on an individual basis or at a small board meeting. The impact you make in the first moments of a presentation can make or break the success of your proposal. Presentation skills are one of the most important skills for promotion and picking up new business. Learn skills to enlivening the driest topics and motivate any audience.

Peter Dingle will train you to be confident, capable, credible and exciting presenters. You will love his passion.

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Why are some people incredibly productive in their office and their lives while others seem to just get by?  Businesses are interested in improving professional productivity through new software or even new skills training, however, if the person has the best and fastest computer skills the majority of their productivity is still limited by their energy levels, well being and motivation. This program empowers participants with the know-how and the desire to improve their work and productivity. Just by learning about your natural energy levels participant will not only improve their productivity but also reduce your chances of negative confrontations.

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In business, you can’t afford to have a poor memory.

Most business is done on good personal relationships. Poor memory hurts your business by not winning you clients or by losing them along the way. Inspire confidence and trust by remembering client’s names, companies and personal details. Remember everyone’s names at your next function. Your attention to detail shows competence, creates personal trust and wins loyalty to your company. 

A poor memory wastes your time.  And your time costs your business!

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Develop Your Mind-power For Productivity Poor memories, lack of creativity, mental exhaustion and lack of focus and concentration are problems that cost industry millions of dollars in lost business. By introducing some interesting and fun practices Dr Dingle can improve the ability of employees and businesses to function. Improving the way your mind works provides the key to unlock latent worker productivity, efficiency and effectiveness producing better results.

Improving memory and creativity, tapping the unused parts of your mind, understanding how to feed your mind and create a healthy work environment around you, increases your productivity. To ensure they work they are set into goals and developed along with the right attitudes.

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Most organizations do not understand the lost potential through stifled creativity. This program taps into knowledge of how the brain evolved, the strategies of the most creative people throughout time and the most recent findings of how the brain works. It introduces dozens of ways we can all tap into our incredible creativity, encouraging your staff to develop creative ideas and to nurture creative inspirations.

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Most training simply doesn’t work because it lacks the information that will carry the participant’s motivation beyond the presentation. How does he know this? He does the research to find out what works and what does not.

All Dr Dingle’s programs are based around cognitive behavioural therapy to ensure motivation and enthusiasm for action are ongoing. His programs are all tested and validated by university-based research.

The Living Smart Program developed by Dr Dingle and one of his PhD students won the prestigious WA Adult Education Award in 2003 and the Eureka award along with $10000 prize money in 2004.


A few quotes

“Your delivery was excellent and clearly held the attention of the group. The juggling trick had the desired impact because, like the ‘D.E.A.L’, it was topical for the business/life jugglers and, of course, it was clever and skilful. The speed of delivery was appropriate to the audience and your time keeping was just about perfect.” Andrew Robertson. BHP Steel.

‘The session was well received. It is still being talked about today (3 weeks later).’ Daniel Parry. Deakin Financial Services.

“Brilliant, everyone knows they should set goals but by doing it in a interesting way really opens your mind to setting your goals and achieving them…Overall fantastic”  Ben. Deaken Finances

“I thought your speel at the coast to coast conference was the highlight. Finally someone speaking the truth rather than saying everything was hunky dory and no need to change anything” Evan Broaman Environment Resource Officer. Local Government Association of Tasmania.