Conference Presentations

Nobody knows health and wellness like Dr Peter Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on the topics of health, wellness and the environment. 

“Dr Dingle has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. Formerly an associate professor at Murdoch University, Dr D has written 15 books on living well. 

Blending motivation and humour, Dr Dingle regularly appears on state and national media. Dr Dingle is also the grandfather of the acclaimed “Living Smart” program and the creator of the “StarFoods” food rating system.

One of the most informative and entertaining health speakers in Australia, Dr Dingle helps cut through medical and health myths to give you the real facts on evidence-based wellness. He presents cutting-edge research findings in an accessible, down-to-earth manner—and is known for his straight-shooting style, sense of humour and the occasional magic trick or juggling display. 

Dr D, who gives about 100 presentations in Australia and around the world each year, will show you how you can regain your health and even reverse many chronic health conditions including cardiovascular diseaseand diabetes. He explains how to unlock your genes for weight loss and wellness, and how to take personal responsibility for your wellbeing. 

Few speakers in the world can get rave reviews when they present to a range of audiences from primary schools age children, teenagers, council workers, white collar professionals, scientists and medical professionals.

Unlock your genes for weight loss; The 7 secrets to healthy weight loss

98 percent of people put the weight back on within 1 year of their diet and 99%within 2 years. The Biggest Losers regain all their lost weight. Diets, counting calories and low fat foods don’t work because they are working against your genes. These diets are going against millions of years of evolution. Learn the secrets of weight loss and the language of talking to your genes. Learn to retune your genes to lose extra kilos of weight without dieting. Dr Dingle will show you by focusing on nutrient dense foods, supplementation, the right protein foods, probiotics and eliminating toxins from your home you can unlock your genes for weight loss and wellbeing. Learn how even without exercise you can lose lots of fat and keep your muscle.

If you want to learn the truth about weight loss this is a presentation not to be missed.


Probiotics, People and Poo

Probiotics and a healthy microbiome in our digestive tract is now recognised as one of the most critical conditions for our health and wellbeing. While it is obvious when it comes to many digestive disorders recent research has shown it can be involved in virtually every form of chronic illness. A study in 2016 for example confirmed that up to 50% of Parkinson’s disease can be related to an unhealthy gut microbiome. While many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even acne as well as alzheimer’s, MS, allergies, diabetes type 1 and 2 and high blood pressure are all related to a healthy gut. Even weight gain and weight loss is influenced by your gut microbiome, that is why diets don’t work because they don’t create a healthy gut. Both directly and indirectly a healthy gut can determine how healthy you are and even how much weight you put on. However, a healthy gut is determined by many more factors than just supplementing with probiotics or eating yoghurt. So come along to our presentation if you want to know what else makes a health gut microbiome and what other health conditions it is related to.


Overcoming illness. You Don’t Have to be Sick

Our society is the sickest it has ever been. In our 50s most of us will have a heart attack or stroke have diabetes, get cancer are overweight or obese and taking 2 to 10 legal drugs each day, we have less energy and feel sicker than ever before, we pay more for medical treatments each year and this is considered normal.

Despite what you are told, we do know what causes this chronic illness. It is no coincidence that our ancestors were virtually free from chronic illness such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer. The disease triad is oxidation, inflammation and acidosis. These three conditions go hand in hand with each other and every form of chronic illness. Reduce each of the disease triads through simple and strategic actions in the DEAL (Diet, Environment, Attitude, and Lifestyle) to dramatically reduce your risk and help reverse the conditions.

If we continue to do what we have done and continue to get sicker and sicker.


Take control and realise your potential.

By learning about the 5C’s, conditioning, choices, challenges, change and commitment you can learn to take control of your life. This program shows how we can break out of the old conditioning that holds us back and create new positive conditioning. Everything we do is a choice and can either be positive or negative, but it is the accumulation of negative choices that cause problems in our life, not the one off’s. One can of soft drink a day is not a problem but over a year it puts on 4kg and over a lifetime even more problems. The human mind and body were meant to be challenged. Without it we slip backwards and start dying before our time. Change is inevitable and essential. Not only do you need to be ready for it but you also need to be a part of it. Finally, learn how to make a commitment that counts. Make the right choices, challenge yourself, change and commit to create the new positive conditioning in your life.


Increase your personal and professional productivity and energy

Successful people follow success strategies. These are tried and true methods applied to all levels of our personal and professional lives from sport, career and business to health, relationships and more. Find out the real strategies that work, have been documented and how to apply them in your life. Most people leave the planning of their life up to chance or continue to make poor choices that accumulate over a lifetime then blame poor luck.


Why busy people die young

The average age of a stroke or heart attack in males is now 56 years with one in 10 occurring before 40 years of age. Many busy people begin to experience serious health problems after 40, although the genesis of such problems begins much earlier, usually as a result of the influences of Diet, Exercise, Environmental toxins and Stress. As well as destroying quality of life and limiting overall potential, poor health makes individuals less productive by eroding mental strength and causing time wastage.

Live Longer Be Smarter Enjoy Life: Or how to live to 140 Happily and Healthily (along with Dr D)

Integrating the top tried and true methods via the experts, and also searching out newer discoveries into memory, goal setting, brain function and emotional perception, and incorporating his own study of clinical nutrition and exercise, Dingle has developed a unique program for individual success and wellbeing.

‘Live Longer, Be Smarter’ teaches you the new science of lifespan and youth span. Science now shows us that most of the indicators we associated with aging are in fact a result of factors related to nutrition, perception, lifestyle and environment.

Attitude and flexibility are now known to be the most critical components in aging.

Unbelievable as it seems, most people start ageing and inadvertently accelerate the process of dying at only 25, with some unfortunate individuals starting even younger.

Dingle says do “THE DEAL” and forget dying - until you’re ready to do it.

An exceptional Toolkit on how to get Youthspan back into your Lifespan. Now is the perfect time to start. Whether you’re 16 or 60, it will be the best ‘DEAL’ of your life.


Resilience: Reduce your stress and increase your productivity

Stress is now the single most important contributor to lost productivity and wasted work hours. It is also a major factor in the increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, cancer and many other long-term and short-term health problems. While stress is a natural mechanism that motivates us and equips us to avoid danger, stress levels have spiralled out of control and become a serious health issue. 

Emotional or psychological stress depletes the body of essential vitamins such as vitamin B and C and some minerals in an attempt to deal with the stress and supplementing helps to reduce the negative impact stress has while longer term change strategies for change can be implemented. Substantial research now shows that stress and its effects can be significantly reduced through changes to our lifestyle, diet, environment and in the way we think.


Executive health for all-The Big DEAL

The seemingly insignificant choices you make each day can make or break your health. This program utilises fresh research on Diet, Environment, Attitude and Lifestyle, including the newest information on the brain – how it responds to nutrition, exercise and stimulation via new skilling.  You can increase your success, health and wellbeing today, with some simple changes.

Many people in business begin to experience serious health problems after 40, although the genesis of such problems begins much earlier, usually as a result of the influences of Diet, Exercise, Environmental toxins and Stress. As well as destroying quality of life and limiting overall potential, poor health makes individuals less productive by eroding mental and physical strength. It also contributes significantly to time wastage. The average age of heart attack and stroke is now 56 for men and one in 10 occur before the age of 40.

Exploding old belief systems, this program dispels myths and confusion around how to create long lasting wellbeing. It puts the real facts at your fingertips, then provides you with personalised options to ensure your choices get you the best out of your future.