Our society is the sickest it has ever been

The body is supposed to be in a state of “ease.” However, because of poor nutrition, lifestyle choices, and living in an unhealthy environment, the body goes into as state of “dis-ease.” Our society is the sickest it has ever been. By the time people in our population are reaching their 50s, around 50% will have—or have already had—a heart attack or stroke, diabetes type 2 or cancer, or a combination of these and other conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions are not limited to people in their 50s; they are also showing up in our children with incredible regularity. The underlying conditions have been with many people their entire lives.

Chronic disease, in particular cardiovascular disease and cancer caused by diet and lifestyle, has now become the primary cause of death in developed countries including the US, UK and Australia. Our Western diet and lifestyle are often overindulgent and disastrous for our long-term health, and are responsible for more than 75% of our chronic illness. As a result of people’s constant exposure to toxins and their over-consumption of nutritiously deficient, calorie-dense foods, disease rates have vastly increased in this ageing and overweight society. The American Cancer Society reports that males now have a 47% chance of developing cancer, whilst females are only slightly less likely to develop the disease. These are frightening and sadly realistic figures that, unless we change direction, will only become worse. Some estimates suggest that by 2050, as many as 80% of males will get cancer. Unless we do something about it. This is not because people are living longer; it is because people are getting sicker. Rates of childhood leukaemia have risen more than six times in the last 30 years and we now see breast cancer in teenage girls. Putting band-aids on the sickness industry might take cancer survival rates from 2% to 3% or 4%, but that won’t stop millions of people getting sick and dying from cancer.