5 killer reasons to eat more whole fibre

If I were to say to you I can provide you with something at a price of around 50 cents a day which is going to

  • reduce your risk and symptoms of diabetes and metabolic syndrome,
  • lower your risk of high blood pressure and reduce the plaque in your arteries,
  • reduce your risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • reduce the risk of more than a dozen types of cancer including colorectal, breast and prostate cancer and improve the survival rates if you have cancer,
  • as well as helping you live longer

Would you be interested? No it is not a miracle drug it is a superfood that has largely been overlooked
While there are no firm answers on how many of these conditions fibre will reduce, just because the studies have not been done so far, we do know is that increasing you fibre amount and diversity can have a dramatic reduction in all of the conditions above and more. And up to a limit the more you have the better it is for you.
However, what we do know is that an additional 7–10 g of fibre per day reduces in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes by around 9%, colorectal cancer by around 10% and all cause mortality by 11%.
There is nothing else you can do for your health other than drinking water and continuing to breathe that has the potential to improve your health at virtually no cost. I call this “Fibre Medicine”.

Even though we have known for more than 50 years that fibre was important for so many health conditions. It has been the very small brother of probiotics simply because there is not much money in fibre. It is natural, it cannot be patented, although synthetic versions are being made and tested, and it is abundant in nature. More importantly it along with polyphenol is the main food for the gut microbiome. They run on fibre

But not all fibres are equal and function the same. The ideal fibre or combination of fibres is one that ferments the whole length of the large intestine like Kfibre. https://www.kfibre.com/