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Antibiotics and “The War on Bacteria”

Antibiotics and “The War on Bacteria”

While antibiotics have been lifesaving, the over-prescription of antibiotics has sparked the evolution of drug-resistant strains of life threatening bacteria, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths each year. The US Centers for Disease Control estimate that up to 50% of antibiotics prescribed in the US are unnecessary. Unfortunately, the...

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Antibiotics and weight gain

Antibiotics and weight gain

A large number of pharmaceutical agents including many over the counter and prescription drugs are linked with weight gain and obesity especially antibiotics. The growth (fat) promoting effects of antibiotics were first discovered in the 1940s. Since then, antibiotics administered in low doses have been widely used as growth promoters...

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5 killer reasons to eat more whole fibre

5 killer reasons to eat more whole fibre

If I were to say to you I can provide you with something at a price of around 50 cents a day which is going to reduce your risk and symptoms of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, lower your risk of high blood pressure and reduce the plaque in your arteries,...

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Triclosan and deadly ingredient

Triclosan and deadly ingredient

Toothpaste ingredient destroys the gut microbiome and increases the risk of gut cancers.  Triclosan is another one of those chemicals that is finally on its way out even though we have known of its toxic effects for decades. After many decades of scientific scrutiny many companies are now removing TCS....

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Health benefits of Garlic

Health benefits of Garlic

It might be time to add some more garlic to your meals. While there are many studies showing the benefits of garlic (Allium sativum) from everything from infections to athletic performance recently studies have shown raw garlic has protective effects on chronic illness like cardio vascular disease, cancer and the...

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Events and Tour Dates

Gut Healing:

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Gut Health Gut Solutions
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Gut Health Gut Solutions. Geraldton September 3

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Perth September 11



Gut Health Gut Solutions. Ipswich September 14 12.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Warick September 15 1.00 pm


New South Wales

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Armidale September 16 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Tamworth September 17 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Narrabri September 18 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Dubbo September 19 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Orange September 20 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Bathurst September 21 1.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Penrith September 22 1.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Nowra September 23 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. Wollongong September 24 7.00 pm

Gut Health Gut Solutions. South Hurstville (Sydney) September 25

"So informative, it opened my mind up to so many things regarding gut health that I never considered. I look forward to reading the books and learning even more. Thank you so much." - Claire, Perth

 You can’t afford to miss this powerful presentation based on cutting-edge scientific information. It is full of information showing how your gut micro-organisms can determine not only how healthy you are but are the foundations of your health and tell you how to think feel and act.

In this presentation Dr Dingle will skillfully show you everything you need to know about your gut microbiome and why you need to know it.
With trillions of micro-organisms, your gut microbiome influences every organ and virtually every cell in your body.

"Fantastic talk. I loved your energy, and passion. A wealth of information." - Andrea, Perth

Your gut rivals your brain in its capacity to influence the daily running of your body. It controls gene expression, coordinates your immune system, sends chemical messages to every part of your body and determines if you are happy or sad.
It influences your willpower, even your taste buds, and is linked with virtually every health condition with which we are now confronted. Your gut microbiome has the ability to keep you healthy or ill, happy or sad.
It can influence everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease and diabetes 1 and 2, depression to dementia, acne and psoriasis and eczema. All diseases are influenced by the gut.
However, we are only just now beginning to understand what a healthy gut is and how many of the things in our lives can play havoc with our gut and our health.
This presentation will show you how our dependence on processed food and our modern living impacts our microbiome. Antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, food additives, cleaning products, and even makeup and personal care products are just some of the culprits that can devastate a healthy gut microbiome. But also the role of stress, sleep and activity.

"As always, I'm so impressed with Peter's ability to present an otherwise daunting topic in such an easily digestible and fun way. Not only have you identified the problems associated with poor gut health, but you've given me implementable solutions - and my family and I thank you." - Christine, Perth.

Learn how to rebalance your microbiome which foods, what does work and the importance of lifestyle factors.
This entertaining presentation will arm and empower you with the knowledge you need to rebuild your gut health.
The time has come to be the engineers of our own health.

"The whole presentation was informative and well presented. The two hours passed quickly with Pete's charismatic personality." - Sue, Perth

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